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Originally Posted by algorithm View Post
Tried the recent beta for testing my forthcoming ocs amiga demo, and glad that I did. One of the parts (twist scroll, that changes 15 palette colors and bitmap offsets per line) worked fine in winuae 3.0 but caused corruption on the new winuae. I fixed this by having a starting x offset on the copper to $d1 (instead of $d9) 15 colors get written from the copper from this position and then 4 lowords for the bitplane pointers (in a 288x186) screen. I guess to make sure I could have adjusted the pointers at a more safe place inbetween the color writes.

I should get a real amiga at some point as well :-)
I'd like to see your non-working version to confirm it. No need for complete demo, just executable that runs copper list and all higher bitplane dma channels active (=bitplane dma). Bitplane data does not need to be correct either

One difference in recent betas is edge case updates when DDFSTRT/DDFSTOP is modified while old/new value would match at the same time.
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