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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
yes, we read same texts but I would never say: "we must remember that ST was designed in rush to not loose market when Atari lost Amiga technology."

1) Jack Tramiel never "lost Amiga technology"
2) how to lost market to Amiga, when Amiga was different league with almost double price
Atari and Jack Tramiel lost his Lorraine contract and as such lost Amiga in moment when Commodore return 500k$ to Atari.
At this moment Atari was forced to work on different solution than Lorraine and to gain time Tramiel filled lawsuit against Amiga/Commodore - this lawsuit give Atari 1 year advantage and this is story behind ST.

Price is completely different topic - both machines was comparable in terms of parts prices but Commodore consider Amiga technology so revolutionary that they raised prices to insane level.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
beside, Amiga Inc. show prototype of future Amiga to Jack earlier, but he dismiss it in the same way as Steve Jobs dismiss it - to much chips, to complicated. It passed 3 years until Commodore manage to cut down cost of Amiga 1000 with Amiga 500 model. As I said: Amiga would not fit in Jacks "Rock Bottom Price" plans of new computer.
And that's why Atari ST have no blitter but STe have more chips...

Please provide trustful source that Tramiel rejected Loraine as to many chips design.
Cost of computers was related mostly to RAM price.
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