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Originally Posted by Nekoniaow View Post
There is not much money in the Amiga market I assume so it would make sense for Konami to not ask for a very large licensing fee.
Sorry if I steer this thread towards off-topic, but even if Konami was to ask only for 500EUR, it'd still be an insane amount for a niche platform like the Amiga, which we all use as an hobby.

Unless you're an hardware maker there's no more money to be made out of the Amiga and I don't think many would justify a loss of 500 EURs just to legally show a demo. Yes, it's "wrong" but I think that it would be even more wrong from a big company to ask money for something only a few hundreds of souls will ever see/play (F- you, Studio Peyo!).

Asking just for permission to use their IPs in a non-profit way, on the other hand, would make sense. I'm pretty sure they'd be okay with it
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