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Fernando Cabrera

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Hi everyone, I'm @fcabrera_77 in Twitter, the other member of CopperSky and I've been the coder of the demo. Don't expect anything special from it as it's the first "serious" stuff I've ever done in asm... and for the Amiga . The playable part of the demo doesn't include, for example, neither collision detection nor enemies, etc. and it still shows some glitches from time to time. We did it just for learning purposes but we'd really like to share it with the Amiga community, though we know we still have everything to learn. And this is the best place to do that, thanks to people like @phx or @Photon (and his must see Youtube tuts) who, in a way or another, helped me a lot since I started coding for the Amiga more than a year ago. Thanks!
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