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Originally Posted by ovale View Post
Hyperion is in bankruptcy, Cloanto confirms it owns the copyrights , aeon is acquiring rights on amiga software... but in all this mess... where are the chips blueprints?<br />
<br />
Atari people have been able to find them . <br />
<br />
Is it possible that with all this interest on commodore and Amiga technology these valuable artifacts have been lost and nobody cares?
Copyrights on the software and books are one thing but I see no mentions of all hardware related patents in the article on Amiga-News. I guess this could mean that Gateway still holds the rights to them. I guess that no one still cannot really create and sell a legal Amiga hardware.

Several questions remain though:
- Why does AmigaInc still exist if it doesn't hold any rights to anything?
- What rights exactly does Hyperion still own (assuming it's not liquidated after the bankruptcy)?

I understand that Cloanto decided to stay silent on the topic to avoid unnecessary confusion while it wasn't certain it could acquire the rights to the Amiga names, software and documentation. That was very wise from them.

Also, contrary to many previous owners they have survived over the years without making waves and by contributing something of value to the Amiga community so this seems to be a positive thing. But now I'm really curious about what they intend to do with these rights. Cloanto is a pure software company so I doubt they can venture into making hardware that easily given their lack of experience and the high capital expenses hardware requires. Will they maintain the Amiga alive purely as a software artefact?

I'm really curious to hear what plans they have in mind.
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