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Originally Posted by Toni Galvez View Post
The original Enduro Racer has 5 different musics and voices "Check Point", "Congratulations", "Get Ready", "GO!" I have it all on a player named M1 that can plays sound from arcade ROMs. I understand that, in the eighties, companies was so lazy to put all music and sound from the original games they where converting, and they do not have the original resources from the arcade. But now, things are different, we have all the time in the world to make the game with all the sounds.

The original game has music on gameplay, I recomend to use 3 channel music and 1 channel for engine noise. The other FX (voices or crash) will cut the bass sound for example.

I can give you the original FX samples (engine noise, crash and voices) converted from the original arcade (8 khz maybe?)

About the 5 musics, maybe ADRDESIGN likes to make 5 modules (5 songs with the same samples) I know it is difficult, because it is your decision ADRDESIGN and STINGRAY, you are the coder, your rules.

Sorry for the comment. I can help with FX if you like.
Thank you a lot, dont worry about the samples as they were attached here.

About the mod arranging part, there are almost 4 different tunes along this thread, IIRC:

Title theme (Atari version - YM) in 4 and 3 channels
main game (C64 SID) in 2 channels
main game (arcade) in 4 channels.

Im doing that music in my spare time, and if I can I will release the remaining tunes for the arcade. I think they could not fit in a single mod because the amount of blocks needed for a single song, and they must have 4 channels to keep the feel IMHO.

I focused on people´s preferences about what version to do, I agree with you about the need for at least 1 channel for the engine sample. That´s why the SID version exists.

BTW I think all of them can be tweaked for good, and I insist, I´d like more people working in this, even if they novice. Up to this date, Stingray could have lots of tunes to choose from, not only mine, althogh if its more $$ efficient doing things for parties and so...

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