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My own Commercial Amos Game favorite:

released in 1998.

Although it could be better, it is surprisingly good, and i have several times went back to the game to play it through again.

There is nothing graphics heavy in this game, and hence slowness of Amos doesnt show. This is also one of the few Amiga only strategy games we have 1998 and after anymore.

If you havent played it, and you like strategy, then this should be quite satisfying bought.

You first play in big map moving your troops around, building stuff, buying units, Slightly Defender of The Crown way (but much more complex and better balanced plus more strategic) and when battles come you get these one screen battles in turn based battle, similar to Iron Lords (supposedly) final battle.

In addition there are things like you are trying to become the emperor of rome and hence you can bribe senators, appeal to Queen of Egypt etc.

Although I personally dont recognise the game, I did get impression that this might be based upon some earlier bigger commercial title.

It is surprisingly complex for an Amiga only strategy title of 1998 and beyond, although still, not even at an extra light Europa Universalis / Civilization level.
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