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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
please stop repeating this nonsense.
Jack Tramiel (Atari Corp.) never had plans to built computer around Amiga technology.
He would built RBP (rock bottom price) in Commodore if he did not get in collision with Irvin Gould.
But Atari Corp. were certainly in hurry since they only lose money, they did not have any product to sell! ST was "do or die" for Jack Tramiel and his Atari Corp.

Please ask if you are not sure - making such untrue statement is not wise.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
btw it is nice to see that you now have to deal with Flash951
Well, He obviously is overreacted trying to kick ST where i trying to be objective and even if i like Amiga i can also appreciate ST beacouse it is a decent machine (ST is better than Macintosh and worse than Amiga).

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