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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
We need to investigate this - the 3640 appears to do "something different", and we currently have no test setup to reproduce the issue. The Z2 jumper is the only workaround for the time being.

Hi Jens.

Any news on this? It was quite a letdown when i realized i had to dowgrade to zII mode.
I should have done some research before buying, but still would have ended up buying the setup.. Like it alot!

Somehow it still feels like a dealbreaker since its not advertised.(correct me if im wrong..)
It says something in manual of the x-surf-100 that it might be needed to downgrade in certain cases, but nothing specific about the 3640..

Can you please tell us your 2 cents about what could cause the issue with the 3640? If you need some testing i would be more than happy to help..

Best Regards

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