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Simple! If you want Linux or Mac, use Linux or Mac.
The Amiga OS was loosely based on UNIX anyway, and has similar command line functions.
The Amiga had a dock way before the Mac did.
OSX and Linux does not equal all good and modern, neither does Windows.
I use Linux myself, and Windows up to 7, (anything after 7 is not worth using). Linux can be a fine OS for some things, as long as you don't update it once installed and running fine. For example, my CCTV system is running XUbuntu and Zoneminder, it was a real pain to set up and took 2 days to get it working as it should. Last weekend there was updates and I took the plunge and installed them, BAD MISTAKE, although the OS booted it threw errors out about nonsensical things and Zoneminder failed to start. I eventually got things sorted after half a day spent replacing CORE libraries and Zoneminder itself with older versions. Very modern and versatile, I must say!
I wouldn't want ANY of that in AmigaOS thank you very much, I just like to turn on my Amiga and use it without any faffing about.
As for holy writings, WTF are you on about? The Amiga's OS has always done fine just the way it is, why do you think people still use it today?
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