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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
And "please no", lets not put any Apple or Linux similarities in to AmigaOS. If you want Apple or Linux, then use those platforms.
Other != evil. Write it one million times.

On which basis would you exclude "Apple or Linux similarities"? If a good feature on these systems exist which doesn't on OS abc, then it only makes sense to augment OS abc with it.

Should we reject a Dock like system because the Mac has one?
Should we reject the notion of a command line because Unix had one (before AmigaOS by the way)?
Should we reject all the good and modern things these systems have and AmigaOS does not have yet because it's contrary to the holy writings?

If it works and is useful I want it. I do not care where it comes from.
There are many Amiga only concepts (sliding screens) which are now in OS X, should they have rejected them because "oh no it's an AmigaOS similarity"?
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