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Hello all

i did join here because i was on a Troll hunt, but i will promise to act mature and don't troll myself.

and now for something completely different
not long a go, one of my friends got 4 Amigas, including 1 a600 - 2 a1200 and a a4000, he ask if i wanted one of them, and i said of course yes, so now i am a proud owner of an a1200, only problem is, it still at his place, I don't have any place for i right now

back in the day, i was tired waiting for the A500 so i bought an Atari instead of, but all my friend stuck to the plan an bought an Amiga, so i was alone with my Atari, but for that reason i think that i used the Amiga as much as my Atari
i do remember that we played a lot of different games on it, like eg. port of call (that was a weird game, ones ships always ended up with the most stupid names)
we also use it to make music on, starting with sonix later we had a brief look at the first sound tracker, but for most part we use a program one of my friend made.

(here is a couple of examples)
[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]

most of the music is lost, but a little survived, i could uploaded the program if any would be interesting in it, but i need time for score and sound disk.and maybe some guidance in how to transferee it.

we also starting on a dosen of games, but we never really got anything finish, we did make some cool gfx for a flash gorden game but all that is lost.

so i do have many found memories of my time with the Amiga and it was / is a great computer.

Peace all
Peter J
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