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Originally Posted by Jacques View Post
If reducing ACA500 to 2 from 4 MB was explained as cost reduction(?), what to say about doubling cost of ACA500 by adding another ACA to get sensible amount of RAM for WHDLoad. Surely additional 2 MB RAM with firmware allowing use of it wouldn't double the price which OBVIOUSLY ACA12XY do, to say the least.

It's okay if it's fair and straight, but explaining it as cost-cutting and "favour" for customer while it works the other way round is not honest.

Warranty is not lasting ever, personally I wouldn't care about it anyway having chance to make ACA500 "all around solution" with 4 MB, probably others also wouldn't.
What's wrong with customer willing to take his "enourmous" risk ( ) soldering additional 2 MB RAM to ACA500 on his own or by some fellow technician (no need to bother Jens and procedure itself is highly over-demonized).

There is only one trouble, we'd need MODIFIED FIRMWARE which ALLOWS use of additional RAM chips that are missing from production ACA500.

Would such fimware be provided? That's the question.
I know my post probably is not the most welcome, but I don't see why users couldn't comment on the situation (2 MB only pushing many users to buy additional ACAs). Why should we all be conformists after all
Indivision has the right to have their business model, we have the right to comment on it

There could be possibly some compromise and "meet half-way" solution profitting Indivision too, by selling ACA500 OFFICIAL cheap enhancement-kits consisting of missing RAM chips, manual and modified firmware ("unlocking" feature to use 4 MB), with clear indication that it ends warranty and is done at user's own risk. Yeah, I'd buy such fair & square solution.
I have just finished to read the whole thread and... I couldn't agree with you more, Jacques! Only 2MB on this "otherwise" dream card was clearly (..IMHO) a marketing strategy to sell more other ACAs.. but there's no need to get offended, anyone! I've bought it because it's still relatevely cheap and usefull, even with only 2MB, yes. I just see Jacques's point very logical and fair: a single solution to improve the card to it's maximal potential without have to use any additional card.. plus the "fun" to eventually screws up everything with some bad soldering, by accident or whatever.. it doesn't seem to risky anyway, if you have some experience with soldering and general electrotechnics (people often get into retrocomputing because have a general interest into those subjects) ..we really appreciate good hardware but we want also put some fun into retrocomputing!
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