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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
They already saved the amiga for the moment, without them, amiga inc. should still have all the amigaos patents and like they were doing nothing with them !
without hyperion : no amigaos 4 and without amigaos 4, no amiga one. Without them no new amiga anymore... For the best and for the worst.
I still believe that aeon doesn't make amigaone just for a hobby, i'm sure they are waiting for something to bring back the amiga on the shelves.
If they succeed to have a good oportunity and good partners, i mean big partners, they will perhaps try.
If it's just a hobby !!! i will never buy one, because the price is too high, for sure.
They didn't save anything. They acquired the rights to write and sell AmigaOS and that's it. Whether this will save the Amiga is still to be demonstrated.
(And it's also to be demonstrated that the Amiga can be saved, or if it makes any sense at all to save it. Whatever "saving" the Amiga means.)

The evidence I quoted indicates they are managed by people who are late payers and have shitty partners. This is not a recipe for success. Assuming that they will succeed in writing good code and "saving the Amiga" is just speculation: where is the evidence that AmigaOS new releases are helping the community? Where are the sales numbers? Etc.

It's good to have faith. It's better to have evidence.

The fact they own the rights to AmigaOS does not:
- guarantee they are good coders
- make them good managers
- guarantee they have a solid vision and a long term plan

You are free to *believe* they have all these qualities, I'll believe it when I see it.

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
That's not the point, the point is it now looks to be a quick cash grab before they go under. I'm not sure my meagre £30 would save them anyway, so I'll keep it my pocket for now!
Cash grab?
Hyperion won't see any of your money, if they go down then your 30GBP will go to people they bought stuff from but never paid.
If the product is good then you should buy, this money won't go in Hyperion's pocket that's for sure.

Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
This topic is getting really interesting, so let me give my 2 cents worth:

When the topic of PPC keeps getting bring up, I always remember what Toni said about it:

[wise words]

I agree with him 100%. As far as I know, there is always nothing but hiccups when some new hardware is announced, but nothing ever comes out of it (just look at UltimatePPC, for instance). As for the actual AmigaOS 4, why does it take so long for Hyperion to actually release a new version of the operating system, let alone an update for it. PPC Amigas are a joke, and it's only a matter of time before they all crash and burn.

Sure, I just brought AmigaOS 4.1 ages ago, long before the FE was released, but that is because I like using foreign operating systems.
I'm with you too.

I like my Amigas as they were when Commodore went belly up. If I want speed, a modern operating system and convenience I use my Mac and I get way more out of it than any accelerated Amiga could dream of offering.

When I want Amiga fun, I use the old models as they were. They were fun then and still are but I see no interest in zombifying them with zillions of expansions.
Coding an Amiga is fun, playing an Amiga game on an Amiga is fun, hell, playing new games on an Amiga is fun, but for modern tasks I use modern hardware.

Now if someone released a new Amiga with hardware as lean as what Apple offers (not in terms of perfs but in terms of practical packaging), an OS as flexible as Linux and as usable as OS X then I would be interested but that's not going to be done by Hyperion nor AmigaInc in any realistic way.

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