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This topic is getting really interesting, so let me give my 2 cents worth:

When the topic of PPC keeps getting bring up, I always remember what Toni said about it:

PPC "Amigas" should have never existed. Amiga is dead and it should rest in peace (and kept as a nice hobby system like any other 80-90s computer) but no, it is kept in life support instead when its soul has been long gone/brain has been totally damaged and mutated (you can make your choice between brain/soul)
I agree with him 100%. As far as I know, there is always nothing but hiccups when some new hardware is announced, but nothing ever comes out of it (just look at UltimatePPC, for instance). As for the actual AmigaOS 4, why does it take so long for Hyperion to actually release a new version of the operating system, let alone an update for it. PPC Amigas are a joke, and it's only a matter of time before they all crash and burn.

Sure, I just brought AmigaOS 4.1 ages ago, long before the FE was released, but that is because I like using foreign operating systems.
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