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Can someone update me please?


1st post here.

I own a towered A1200 with various added bits, have been away from the Amiga for a while and am trying to catch up. I'm not having much luck.

When I left Amiga Inc were going to make it possible to run Amiga os everywhere thanks to TAO, yes it's -apparently - been that long.

Now I come back and find TAO have been taken over, and then bought themselves back and now do stuff for music.

What I have found out so far really does not make much sense.

Amiga Inc still have a web site but what's on it looks strange (v expensive tablets) and out of date as it's still mentioning TAO.

According to wikipedia (taken with large chunk of salt) Amiga Inc sued hyperion, who then sued Amiga Inc, both of whom had their heads banged together by the US courts so that Hyperian had the rights to AmigaOS4.x and Amiga inc had rights to the Amiga name. Amiga Inc then sold this to of all people Commodore – who came back from wherever – announced a new Amiga thing plus some C64 things, got sued by Hyperion because they (Commodore) wanted to use Aros – which, along with Morphos Hyperion were saying is illegal (without providing any evidence they are - (?)) and have now apparently disappeared again.

Hyperian then made OS 4, 4.1, were going to make 4.2 but have apparently now gone bust (though they say they haven't)

Eyetech who made made some Amiga ones, have gone bust (?) however Amiga kit are selling selling power pc based amiga boards at a lot of money (sigh) and these run os4.1.something, which is apparently different to os4.1 final … ugh.

There have been a few efforts to build an amiga clone around FPGA's but I don't think these have come to much? (Natami for example)

In short I haven’t got a clue who owns what or if – ever – any new hardware will come to light, and given the mess I seem to have read am amazed that there is anything available at all!

So could someone please point me at a simple page, or I suspect small novel that gives the current state of things?

Many thanks
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