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FYI Ultima online wasn't the first MMORPG. It might be the first commercial one with graphics but long before that there were game engines text based running MMORPG games. I remember once watching my brother connect to an RPG server using Telnet. It played a lot like a text-adventure except you had stats, and items you could do with what you wanted. My brother had set up a nice little business in the game world. He'd go out with small groups of adventurers, defeat the evil creatures and get some of the less useful weapons. He'd take them back and pay a blacksmith to fix them and then he'd start casting rune spells on the weapons greatly increasing their value.

Sorry for going off like this though. I'm just biased against ultima online I guess and just won't want it recognized for being first with the concept of a lot of people on one server RPGing.
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