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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
What would the title of the apprenticeship be, "career suicide"?

Wow...harsh... I loved AmigaOS/Workbench in its day--it was easily a decade ahead of Windows/MAC was so darned flexible and powerful, with Arexx scripters like T-Rexx Pro I could do things with it that it'd be hard to do today with Windows, if you could do it at all (and Windows would *never do it* in less than 16 megabytes of ram)...OTOH, the 68k MMU doing "memory protection" was so lightweight by today's standards (even then) that the red-boxed Guru was present far more than I'd have liked; there was nothing multithreaded at the time for obvious reasons (although the Amiga exec was excellent for preemptive multitasking in as little as 512k of ram, at a time when Bill Gates said "it couldn't be done" in less that 2 megabytes--but he was talking clunky MS-DOS), and of course the Amiga predates the 3d revolution (begun by 3dfx--the first to do it with playable frame rates.) I often wonder if the Amiga would have survived the advent of 3dfx and similar companies, or suffered a fate similar to how the ubiquitous Matrox got destroyed by it--had C= remained solvent for a few more years. RTG was just beginning to come to the fore in the Amiga's Zorro bus, IIRC, when C= went belly up ('93?)

While I definitely think that bad management brought about the end of C= (I was emailing a bit--through 1995, IIRC--with David Haynie at the time who imo was the shining star of the company), I also think that several other factors--some of which I mention above--sealed the Amiga's/C='s fate.

But...I often try to imagine what the platform and OS would have developed into had C= survived those times...definitely it would have been far more than just a disembodied x86 OS floating around like a curio of sorts....!...
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