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Hollywood with Designer Tutorial Videos

I have released already some days ago Hollywood with Designer Tutorial Video 2 - First steps to programming as well as incomplete Tutorial 3 - IF Adventure.

Tutorial 1 - Designer Basics, can be watched from youtube: [ Show youtube player ]

Tutorial 2 and incomplete Tutorial 3 are currently available only through Indiego!:

While incomplete tutorial 3 is available for free, Tutorial 2 costs 1 Euro, for about a month, after which it will become free as well.

Reason for this, is because I have ran out of both Camtasia Studios, as well as Demobuilders free trial times, and I havent been able to justify myself to buy the full version of either one yet.

Hence, if you like to show some support, you could do one of three things:

1. Indiego seems to be giving 10 euros a month to top 10 developers currently, and at this point, only very few downloads are needed to be one of the top 10 still.
Hence, by just investing some time, you could get Indiego! appstore for yourself, and download both Incomplete tutorial 3, as well as my game Help My Cat! from Indiego! and this way help me towards getting that 10 euros.

2. You can buy Early access to tutorial 2 by buying it for 1 euro from: (there at front page)

3. If you wish to show even bigger support, then I have extra copies of each Amiga Future Magazines english version with Cd, and I can sell you one copy of any number for 25 Euros, including tax (when applicable) and postage to anywhere in the world, as long as it is legal and sensible, meaning cost of sending is no more than the revenue, hence, no sending to moon.
Naturally you will also get access to Tutorial 2 videos both through Indiego as well as youtube.

To grab this offer, send me email to with subject "Hollywood with designer amiga future offer"

I will send you invoice through paypal, or we can try to figure out some other payment method if that doesnt work for you.

I do not guarantee any of the money received will be used to buying Camtasia Studio or Demobuilder. And even if I do buy either one of them, i do not guarantee I will make any more videos. All i will say is, that i would like to finish tutorial 3, and i do have a plan for tutorial 4 in my head.

Notice also, that audio quality in tutorial 2 is quite terrible, and gets worse towards end to such extent you might have difficulty in figuring out what I am saying, however, i trust you will still get the teaching at end, thanks to video showing it.
I am also using camtasia noise reduction filtering to make the end part more clear, but unfortunately it applied to whole video, and hence also right from beginning there is this annoying robotic voice thanks to that.

In Indiego!
Tutorial 2 and incomplete 3 can be found under platform "Hollywood" under categories "Educational" / "Tutorial"

Help My Cat! - game can be found under categories "Games" / "Adventure" for several different platforms (Amigas, Mac, Pc, Linux)
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