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Greetings from Norway


Thought I'd make a small introduction post.

I'm a collector. Been collecting old computers and game consoles for soon 15 years. Started with a Commodore 64 and worked my way slowly from that. I also pick up other interesting electronics if I feel like it. Have a good collection of VHS tapes, LaserDiscs, anything vintage that I find interesting.

The later years I've had a full time job that I enjoy. This also gave me some income that helped boost my collection a lot. Of course most of the money goes into my savings account, I'm not THAT crazy. I enjoy the oddities when it comes to computers. I own a lot of the mainstream stuff, but it is something with the more exotic and obscure things that I like. Some examples could be supergun arcade control box, nintendo pirate copy devices, homebrew hardware etc.

The Amiga... I've owned an Amiga 500 and 1200 since 2001 or something like that. Never really got around to do much about them until now to be honest. The big drawback were the lack of software and rotten floppy disks. Half a year ago I decided I wanted to build the "ultimate" Amiga 1200, one thing lead to another and ended up with a full tower system. This is completely different from PC which I've grown up with and always used. Really interesting stuff, enjoy tinkering with the tower a lot. Still haven't gotten to the point were it is actually working properly though...

Hopefully the community here will be a nice place to get everything going in the end!

- Frank
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