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Are there any stats on how many people are using AmigaOS 4.x daily?

IMHO, Hyperion hasn't saved the Amiga, since keeping it on PowerPC pretty much killed any chance of a comeback - ARM is where cheap and powerful is, and AOS4.x should've made the switch long ago if it wanted to stay relevant.

Just think of the possibilities - right now RiscOS is seeing a resurgence thanks to Pi users. AOS4.x could've been in its place.

Someone will think "but PowerPC!". Honestly, PowerPC has nothing to do with Amiga anyway. They went for it since there was the need for a powerful processor and x86 wasn't a possibility for obvious reasons (who would've ever bought one for their Amigas back in the 90s? ), but it was an huge hack-job and it's nothing the Amiga community should be still clutching onto.

If the rule here is "no x86 allowed" then ARM is good enough for AmigaOS5.0 (which won't happen since 4.x most certainly didn't sell huge numbers).

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