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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
It's a known problem of the WHDLoad patch (bug in the imager)
Utter rubbish - there is no "bug in the imager".

The existing imager supports SPS 830, does not support the copylocked SPS 1679, but does support the 3rd version Denis speaks of. All 3 versions have an identical disk 2. Real data on tracks 2-139, 140 onwards are garbage.

Originally Posted by vulture View Post
Ok guys, so, my problem is simple:

I've tried every single Shadow Warriors WHDLoad version I could find and they all crash just before the final boss of the game with a disk seek error. I've even tried my own original disks to make the install, the same happens. Am I missing something obvious? Has anyone finished it on WHDLoad? If so, what version?

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I have modified Dark Angel's install, added a splash screen with the trainer options on it (activate the built-in cheat which allows 'Q' for invulnerability and 'Help' to skip levels), added a timer trainer, modified the code to skip reading track 140 on disk 2, fixed another access fault that can occur on the final boss, and here it is.

Note that the seek bug only occurs if you play through the entire level 6. If you cheat and hit Help to skip it, then it does not occur.

Try this beta version. Despite the misinformation from Stingray, you do NOT need to reinstall your disks as the imager will produce exactly the same disk images as Dark Angel's version did!
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