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It looks like we will have to wait until mid March to find out if Hyperion can remain solvent, from what I can gather the court hearing is to take place then. Until then Hyperion will be run by the court approved administrator, who will also place a value on any assets belonging to the company. If they are found to be solvent before then it will all just go away I suppose, after any debt is taken care of by payment or promises or other means.
One thing that will come of this which has been withheld until now is, financial data and sales made by Hyperion will become public information released by the court. As of now nobody knows how many copies of OS4 have been sold/distributed and any requests about this information have been ignored/declined for some reason, unless the court withholds this information for some reason, we will find out.

Most of this information is taken from the numerous posts over at, although there is posted news of this all over the net, the thread over there seems to be the most informative and worth a read.

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