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Originally Posted by Nekoniaow View Post
My, there is quite a lot of useful information in this statement.

First of all, he is simplifying Belgian law: not everybody can file bankruptcy claims, most likely the law allows *debtors* of a company to file a bankruptcy claim in the company's name. When someone who that company owes money to decides that "enough is enough" then they can file a bankruptcy claim to force the company to honour their debts.

Second, if he is correct that this is what happened in this particular case, that means that one of the people/company Hyperion owes money to decided that it was about time to remind them that they had to pay. Since bank-like debt is issued with very precise terms and payment dates it is likely that this is rather that a company Hyperion does business with and buys stuff from was pissed off to not see the checks coming their way for stuff they had sold them.
Being late on one's payment is generally a good indicator of the quality of management as well as a predictor of future success (it's a negative correlation of course).

Third, he is also explicit in affirming that "the company which handles [their] administrative seat" is gloriously incompetent! There is no way in hell that a bankruptcy claim will not be handled with the utmost priority by a competent accounting/administrating partner. The fact that this mistake happened says us a lot about the quality of Hyperion's close partners: they suck rabid rabbits.

All in all, this tells us:
  • Hyperion are late in their payments. Late enough that their partners file bankruptcy claims: this is extremely unhealthy.
  • Their accounting/administrating partner is incompetent. Which tells us in turn about Hyperion's ability to select quality partners: inexistent.

I say don't count on them too much to save the Amiga.
They already saved the amiga for the moment, without them, amiga inc. should still have all the amigaos patents and like they were doing nothing with them !
without hyperion : no amigaos 4 and without amigaos 4, no amiga one. Without them no new amiga anymore... For the best and for the worst.
I still believe that aeon doesn't make amigaone just for a hobby, i'm sure they are waiting for something to bring back the amiga on the shelves.
If they succeed to have a good oportunity and good partners, i mean big partners, they will perhaps try.
If it's just a hobby !!! i will never buy one, because the price is too high, for sure.

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