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This is quite simply the best Spectrum home-brew game I've played in a long time. Great graphics, animation and SFX/music. Cool story-line too with plenty of dialogue which tends to lack in some games because of memory limitations on the humble Speccy.

The set enemy patterns is a real blessing as it makes the game that little easier, especially for someone as old as me heh heh. However, the first boss I've encountered is a right swine to beat. Of which I've not yet beaten.

Otherwise, I can't fault this game at all. Not noticed any bugs either.

And I'm finding this game compelling addictive. Although *cough* the "quick save" option in the Spectrum emulator helps before I venture into a new area because I have died a fair amount of times. I don't have much free time so it cuts down on back-tracking.

Full credits and congratulations to the designer/developer of this game.

I agree, IFW, this game seriously would had been - imho - a major hit back in the day. Wouldn't it be great to see some mock up reviews/ratings from the likes of Crash and Your Spectrum magazines?
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