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Second answer: Do not use "Input panel" unless you know what are you doing. It is designed to do everything, keys, joysticks, everything. It is NOT designed to be easy and boring and useless "only joysticks can be mapped with single event to single event mapping" option like in most emulators.

Use Game Ports panel "remap" option. It is more logical option for simple ("normal") remap features. (remap -> delete all -> remap, press keys)
Yeah, I totally wanted to do that.
BUT everything on the window that pops up when you press the Remap button next to a port in "Game ports" is greyed out. You cannot actually do anything on this window. You can press the Test button and it shows you what button you pressed, but you cannot map it to anything.
Other than selecting presets that then end up not working anyway, there's nothing to do on this screen, is there?

Which is why I resorted to the Input category, at least things APPEAR to do something there. I can reassign some keys, and some of the stuff does something - for example I can assign a numpad key to a non-amiga operation (Save State, for example) just fine. Mapping it to a joystick or amiga key, though? Nada.

Then you have niceties in there such as no clear relation between the settings you can make in the categories. I can define a configuration in Input but cannot actually select it in "Game Port". Instead, selecting something other than none in GP overwrites things in Input, making it impossible to remap. Or so it seems to me, the way this all is implemented is totally arcane and extremely confusing to me.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
First answer: source code is that way ->
This used to be the go-to answer from all the *nix guys back in the day. But I didn't plan on forking WinUAE, just using it.

But thanks a bunch for bothering to reply anyway. Much appreciated.
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