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Keyboard configuration woes

Why is configuring WinUAE such a complete and utter nightmare?
I've struggled for hours with trying to make the keyboard do what I want it to do now, and I'm about to give up.
Since, now WinUAE doesn't do ANYTHING any longer. It just flickers the screen when I press a key. Thanks?

So, does anyone have a ready-made configuration file I can just import and have the Numpad keys work as movement keys in games.
When I started out, Keyboard layout A was active in "Game ports", yet I could move around using the Arrow keys (I tried SSI's Pool of Radiance) - the numpad keys actually did nothing.
Then I tried to set up diagonal movement ... and everything went downhill from there.

I have played Dwarf Fortress and configured a Linux system from the ground up fifteen years back when user friendliness was an unknown term in the *nix community, but never have I encountered such a convoluted mess of a system as in WinUAE. It's HORRIBLE!

Maybe some of you guys who know how to operate this thing can share a configuration file with the n00b of the day?

All I want to do is play Pool of Radiance without pulling my hairs out...
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