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Just noticed this while browsing around.

A statement from Ben Hermanns (via AmigaWorld):

In Belgium anybody can file a bankruptcy claim even for 150 EUR or so. It
is a common pressure tactic used by parties who do not wish go to the usual
court process because most companies will pay rather than go through the
motions of fighting off a bankruptcy claim.

It is an abuse of procedure but in our case, matters came this far because
the company which handles our administrative seat did not hand over the
writ of summons in time for us to know about the claim.

We could easily have fended it off but now we need to overturn the judgment.

This was of course not the intention of the claimant (quite the contrary)
but there you have it.
There is still no information about who filed the claim and apart from a few select statements like this one which could indeed just be smoke and mirrors, everything seems to be steeped in secrecy at the moment.
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