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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I have both of them SPS 0830 (Retail) and 1679 (Retail ALT1).

Each of them installs with the patcher with no errors : TRUE

What are exactly the differences between releases 830 and 1679 ?

Release 830 :

- Disk 1 is fully amigados : TRUE
- Disk 2 : track 0 is amigados but all the other tracks are MFM tracks with 5632 bytes of data (tracks 1 to 69)

Release 1679 :
- Disk 1 is fully amigados : TRUE, BUT ! Track 0.1 has a copylock !
- Disk 2 is the same physically as version 830 ! MFM tracks with 1 sector/5632 bytes of data each (tracks 1 to 69)

You do agree with me that when a game use a different disk format, from the version supported at start by the whdload
coder, the imager fails right ?

The patcher should crash on one version, because it has a copylock when the other doesn't. This also means the slave
has to be modified to support the version which has the copy protection on disk 1. The other funny thing is that the
seek error is not on disk 1, but on disk 2 if my memory doesn't fail.

The very only difference in the disk format is the disk 1. Disk 2 from both release are 99,9% identical.

Since you're a coding legend, and well respected for that, from all the informations i have wrote here, can you please
tell me where i'm wrong ?
A seek error has nothing to do with Copylock. A seek error is where WHDLoad requests to read data that is beyond the end of the disk image, or the combined start position and length of data exceeds the end of the disk image.
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