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Originally Posted by ex68k View Post
Hello Tommes,
any experience in printing any of it?
Some "mini amiga 3000" on a 3d printer?

Still speachless, but dreaming too ;-)
Actually I am thinking about making some small versions as key chain.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Sorry I'm late to responding to this thread... but just wanted some clarification:

Are these images all build from scratch as in not REAL machines/pictures?!

If so, this is so bloody impressive I thought you basically touched up existing images! I don't even think objects in games look as realistic as that keyboard!

Either way, VERY impressed indeed. How long does it take to do one of these? I saw your video, but I'd imagine that was significantly speeded-up as well as rendered beforehand?
Yep, all images are made completely from scratch out of the cyberspace
Today I have modeled an Amiga 4000 and it took me the whole day from modelling, over texturing, to scene-setup, lighting, rendering and compositing in Photoshop.

Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
id like to include on an intro to a game I'm making if thats okay with you?

Ok with me if you could mention my Nick "Tommes" somewhere as the creator of the images. It could be small, though.
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