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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
Hopelessly stuck on level 4-4. Anyone beaten this level?
Hint: arrange two ice cubes vertically under the single wall tile.

Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
Is there a chance to give us an quit option to select from game or assign Esc to some button(perhaps Play) on CD32 joypad so we could also without keyboard be able to save savegame file to NVRAM after quiting the game?
savegame file is always 100 bytes?
Sure, I'll add a quit option to the title menu. And yes, the save file is a fixed size. EDIT: here's a new executable┬Ęto try: it should quit the game by pressing Fire2 in the title menu.

Originally Posted by Nekoniaow View Post
Just downloaded the game and played it for a few minutes and it's really nicely done and fun to play! I played it on an emulated A500 and was happy to see it running very smoothly despite the fact that you tested it on a much more powerful machine.
Thanks! I did of course also test the game on a real A500 Next time I'll probably make something original instead of a conversion - this game was a conversion because a) I already knew the original, having played it through and having already done a lot of reverse engineering of the game in order to write a level editor for it, b) when I started I didn't have much experience at all, so a simplistic game like this seemed like a good choice for learning purposes.

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