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I went to the linked web site to retrieve the existing official filings pertaining to the bankruptcy and this seems fairly official. There is already a date set for debtors to file claims: march 4, 2015. (Cf below for the text google-translated from Dutch.)

It seems quite a stretch that bankruptcy could be filed mistakenly, especially by a third party. To make any sense, the said third party would have to be their accounting firm and I have a hard time thinking these would casually start this kind of procedure without double checking.

Even if this was indeed an error, this would *likely* mean that the third party had already discussed the possibility of filing the documents with Hyperion and that this was definitely something they were thinking about.

In all cases, this does not bode very well.
I'll continue following the case, with a bit of luck I'll be able to buy the IP rights for AmigaOS on the cheap.

The existing filing from the link in the OSnews article (
Pronunciation bankruptcy on January 27, 2015.

Dutch Commercial Court of Brussels Opening of the faillissmeent, subpoena, from: Hyperion Entertainment [...].
Trading: computer programs.
Company number: 0466.380.552
Curator: Mr. Dehandschutter Bert Ninoofse Stone Weigh 643, 1070 Brussels 7.

Date of filing claims: to within the period of thirty days from the date of delivery of the judgment at the Registry of the English Commercial Court of Brussels , Boulevard de Waterloo 70, 1000 Brussels.

Date for the filing of the first official report of verification of claims: March 4, 2015.

The persons who personally certainly have made for the bankrupt (like for the people who have made a deposit) this can deposit a statement at the Registry (Art. 72bis and 72ter Fail.W.).

Certified excerpt: The afg. Registrar, D. Snoek.

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