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I do use xp, and I can play Duke on my new machine.
WinXP has a DOS-Emulation good enough to run Duke3D? Didn't know that.

My point was why make an amiga-port version of an almost 10 years old game. WHY, duke was fun to play back in the old days
It's still fun (if you like 3D shooters, that is). Compared to more recent offerings, it's graphics look pretty outdated of course, but that doesn't mean it's suddenly a bad game ("Shake it, baby!"). Some people may not have had a PC ten years ago (and the game may even be new to them. And on top of that, it's free (or at least very cheap if you insist on buying the original CD).

Some old dos games are better to play on a old computer....
I would agree instantly if we would be talking about old Amiga-, C64-, CPC- etc. titles.

But DOS-games? A PC from 1994 is pretty much the same as your current PC, just a lot slower, with a lot of hardware issues (ISA, anyone?) and the most stupid OS mankind ever invented.


I highly doubt that. It might be powerful enough to run the game, but not to play it at any acceptable speed. The only 3d game that ever ran well on my 040 was Frontier, and that didn't have textures. Duke3d is a lot more cpu intesive than Doom was.
I remember playing the 68k MacOS-Version on a friend's 68040/50 Amiga using a Mac-Emulator, was pretty fast IIRC.

Well, maybe the 68k Mac version was crippled. I know the PC Version too, but it's been a while since I saw either of them in action.
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