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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
If A500 game: Load your normal config, then open Quickstart panel, select A500 most common, set compatibility slider to max, click "set config". Do not adjust anything manually.

It is very important if game is original and copy protected.
Thanks, Toni! I'm going to do just that...I'll get back about how it's just my nature to tweak and configure...I'd honestly forgotten how temperamental Amiga games could be...Thanks Again!

Edit: Well, well, well.... Talk about simple & easy...! As usual I spend lots of time trying to make something simple complex! That did it! First time with the US IPF it smoothly proceeded past the point where it had been locking up! Bog standard A500 configuration did the trick...lesson learned...Thanks so much Toni...and you, too, Arnie (especially for the IPF tip!)...Now, on to Drakkhen the way it should be played...

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