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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I can't use your config, I get graphics errors, even if I change it to Pal.
BTW you don't need KS3.1 or the extra floppy drive and the default uses ECS not OCS.
Can you use KS3.1 with OCS?

I just double click on the IPF/ADF to play.
I run it @ 1920x1200 (scaled), which you probably noticed...the Italian and German versions run just fine, aspect off looks just fine, actually.....I've experimented with ECS, OCS and AGA, with the same result, and differing amounts of chip/fast/slow ram...nothing seems to make a difference...But thanks for taking a look! I run the game from WinUAE, and have several configs loaded for different games...seems to work very well with other games...

I'll try Toni's recommendation and see how that goes...I probably should have just gone bog standard A500 from the start...
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