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You can get an old pc with a voodoo 1 graphic card for around 2 bottle of wine.
Why anybody would want to have such an outdated piece of crap occupying space on his desk is beyond me.

Dos for 2 bottle of beer.
DOS is a disease, not an operating system.

Then you could have a god time, so why bother to make an amiga version, you will have to pay a truckload of money to get, and spend a war to get it to work on your amiga ....
Nobody asks you to buy an Amiga to play Duke3D. But (and this may be news to you ;-) there are people that already own an Amiga powerful enough to run it (heck, an 68040 should be powerful enough for that particular game) - and these people would like to play it too.

Wast of time and money
I assume you won't download the Windows port then and play it on your current machine running WinXP/2000 but buy a ten year old computer instead that even Akira would not want to add to his collection? I don't think so.
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