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Seems simple....


1. Copy the correct device for your processor to the DEVS: directory
68000 and 68010 users:
C:Copy fmsdisk68000.device devs:fmsdisk.device

68020+ users:
C:Copy fmsdisk68020.device devs:fmsdisk.device

Make sure the device file is called fmsdisk.device

2. Assign FMS: to a directory on your hard disk where you want the 900k virtual floppy file to be.

3. Append the Mountlist included onto the end of your current DEVS:MountList using your favorite text-editor (The text for the mountlist can be found in the archive).

4. Mount the device using C:Mount FF0:
Put this line in your user-startup if you want to have access to FF0 all the time.

5. The first time you use the device, you'll need to initialise it, this is done by simply formatting it. You only need to format it the first time to create the file.

SYS:System/Format drive FF0: name Empty NoIcons FFS

Now you'll have a formatted virtual amiga floppy.
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