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Amiga 30 Years event

List of people attending plus blurbs taken from the page:
Dave Haynie
Former Commodore engineer. Has seen it all. Responsible for electrical fires.

David Pleasance
Former general manager of Commodore UK Ltd. Mastermind behind the planned management buy-out.

RJ Mical
Had a significant hand in the creation of the Amiga. Has a beard too.

Franck Sauer
Artist. Mind the capital ‘A’. Shaped visuals in Unreal and Agony.

István Fábián
Creator of Abandoned Places 1 & 2. Amiga copy protections oracle.

Ultimate PPC team
The brand new Amiga expansion card released by its creators. Vapourware status debunked!

Jon Hare
War… never been so much fun. Founder of Sensible Software. Give the man a guitar!

Christian Bartsch
Worked at Cachet Software and caused screen burn to many 1084 monitors. *Poing!*

Team Hoi
Software and game developers with a story to tell! At least one of them has some excuse for a beard.

Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott
A.k.a. TechGuruUK & The4mula. They took the Amiga to YouTube, now they take on Amsterdam!

Petro Tyschtschenko
Last emperor of Amiga. Walks the Walker and sells a book.

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