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Death or Glory strange save issue. Havn`t tried to reproduce it.

Hrtmon is running in background. Using SFS partition. Start the game (whdload version slave V1.0) and load (F2) old chapter (chapter 2). Played a bit and died so the game goes back to title screen. Start new game (F1). Now the error happens: The save chapter screen appears what shouldn`t happen at this point (only after finishing one). Curiously I answered with "Yes" save chapter to see what happens. Saving took the usual time (1-2 seconds). However, later when quit the game I noticed that saving "worked" because file "Disk.8" is updated. In fact 385 MB in size now:
12. System:> list Games:Taktik/DeathOrGlory/Data/
Directory "Games:Taktik/DeathOrGlory/Data" on Freitag 13-Feb-15 
Disk.8                   385864192 ----rwed Dienstag   19:57:41
Disk.7                    942080 ----rwed 04-Mär-06  02:20:30
Disk.6                    942080 ----rwed 09-Apr-06  11:58:32
Disk.5                    942080 ----rwed 04-Mär-06  17:38:21
Disk.4                    942080 ----rwed 04-Mär-06  02:20:38
Disk.3                    942080 ----rwed 04-Mär-06  02:13:11
Disk.2                    942080 ----rwed 04-Mär-06  02:13:14
Disk.1                    940544 ----rwed 04-Mär-06  02:13:16
8 files - 766526 blocks used
I guess it could be the Death or Glory save bug that causes this large size. Someone knows how it happens or any other comments? Btw. the Disk.8 seems to be still vaild because I could save a single save state and load it again.
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