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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
I don't think you understood me. Lol. Of course people would prefer the modded over the stock. But to have a modded you need a stock to begin with. So yeah stock is more important to me as you can either leave it as stock or mod it till your hearts content.

Maybe I'm reading into this a little bit too much.

Ok, i get what you are saying now hehe

For the People that say its UGLY... well, thats a matter of taste.
The Plastic and CD-Top is really cheap, and i would prefer the slick Black look of a Mega-Drive or Sega Saturn.
Ohh, God, and the Controller is so Cheap as it gets, BUT the handling is pretty good. ( but i still use a SEGA PAD )

You can see Commodore was on its last leg.

But on the other side, the Mainboard is pretty good.
As far as i am concerned, The CD32 has far less problems with leaking Capacitors than other SMD Amiga´s.
So Thats a HUGE plus.

To the Design of the Console Again.. well
You can always custom paint it, but i would never do that, because those babys are pretty rare.
Hmmmm, i think with the Promodule underneath the CD32 and a black Gotek drive it looks pretty nice actually

I Screwed the Promodule ( the top ) to the CD32 ( the bottom ) for 100% stable connection
Thats how i like it.

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