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Connecting to BBS and the Internet VIA rs232

Hello again. I've installed BoycoT, a modem emulator for Windows, but I need a terminal emulator for my A500. I don't have a hard disk for my A500. Is there a way to install Ncomm to floppy, or is there a better free terminal emulator out there?

Stock A500 NTSC model with a501 trapdoor ram. WB 1.3.



Edit: I copied the ncomm directory to ram:, but I get an error stating: 'Cant open req tools library', when I try to run ncomm.
Edit again: Copied to DF0:, but I get the same error.
Edit a third time: The error is probably due to not having reqtoolslibrary installed. I can only find one that is compatible with wb2.x. I was able to find a version for 1.3, so I'll try that.

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