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I vote for complications, well the case for me is complicated.

CD32 got ugly desing, there's ugly plastic quality, ugly pad design and ugly way of how You extend cd32 with additional hardware. Look how CDTV looks, how nice plastic is, it's like well designed hi-fi audio that You can keep in saloon in that days. For example sega cd/megadrive got good quality plastic, pad is also quite good, desing is avarage and expanding is much more worse that cd32 - I would call it gang-bang if You want to build genesis/sega cd/x32 and connect one into other one.

For good side - what is more important for me - is games, I give no shit about all those "You have cd32 and You can expand it into full amiga computer" (only reason to expand cd32 into computer would be to install HD and use WHD for even more games). Main purpose of console are games, and it's better if there are tons of good and exclusie ones. I love some cd32 games for quality, they are fun to play and they have great audio, sure - some of them are just bit patched A500 titles, but if they are great games they will be great on cd32 too. Saddly there also those shovel-were games that do not improve anything and do not use what cd can offer. And CD can offer lot of positive stuff, like no disk swapping - game is on one media storage, more space than floppy got - for extra stuff like animations, bonus levels and extra content. CD32 also got akiko so You can have both cd audio and amiga quality sound - some old amiga games require to choose only music or only effects.

Commodore got brilliant idea with putting A1200 hardware into console box with cd, but they faill with realization. They have technologhy, but they lack strategy. This toy lacks good memory unit for saves or some main directive that every cd32 game should have user-friendly password system. It have pad with good amount of buttons, but only few games use them. Big C= do not support it's child enough with exclusive games like Sega or Nintendo do, if You have A500/A1200 than You have no reason for cd32 (or You have if You are just like me sarch for best version of games). Big C= bundle cd32 with avarage and poor games. It's like cd32 got lot of potential to be somethnig great, but there was no commodore to realize this dream.
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