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Originally Posted by ref View Post
I recently used winuae debugger and luckily I accomplished my task, thank you Toni.

As I will do some more debugging in the future, I thought I might add my wishlist here-without any pressure:

I used latest official WinUAE 3.0 (2014.12.17) binary.

Debugger window isn't resizable. Console history pane is too tight and it always needs scrolling.

Creating Save States within the debugger: Sometimes you need to create states from a specific time, or load a state and enter debugger immediately. I used breakpoints to break into debugger, as savestates retain breakpoints. (it *sometimes* confuses if you set a breakpoint and load a savestate with breakpoint set -possible bug)

pause: is it possible to pause emulation from debugger (to go into properties (F12) menu and change disk, save a state etc.)

Break on Change: I couldn't manage to trigger C directive of w (watchmem) command. w 0 $222222 1 C does not trigger anything. As I never used any hardware like actionreplay, I don't know how these triggers work. A little bit more documentation is more than welcome. I also couldn't found any change between R and W directives. They both trigger on read and write. Eg. w with W directive breaks on when only a read is made. it may be a bug or my misunderstanding of 68k code.

w command for registers: is it possible to set a trigger on a register?

[B]g command does not set focus to main window:[B/] You need to use mouse to click on main emulation window and hit Shift+F12 to activate debugger again.

Lastly, a real bug: it always crashed when I want to copy an address from 'A' registers: click on a register to edit the address, while the area is editable click on another window eg.browser, when you try to get back to winuae, it hangs (win7 x64). image:
You know, there is already a thread designed for requests like this. Just saying.
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