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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
If it wasn't for poll #1, poll #3 wouldn't exist. So I must say #1.

Just need to find one to buy at a decent price and I'll be ok. I sold my cd32 7 yrs ago for around $300. Ah well we all make mistakes
This Poll Options are there for a Reason

Take the little Nibbler for example, I like it only because itīs expanded
(i have no other amiga anymore )

So i use it as an Amiga 1200 with CD Drive, Fastram and CF Card.

The Only other reason would be (for me) to use it for compilations.
( if not expanded )
Just as a gaming Device "as intended" i would say....... NO.

Thatīs why are this poll option exists

Anyway, Big Respect to you great Amiga Board users
and a BIG thankīs to all voters

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