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Originally Posted by Nekoniaow View Post
StingRay is correct that C compilers produce code that is quite less good (although this depends a lot on the scope and how you choose your C statements) than kitten written assembly but it is supremely easy to transform C to assembly once you have prototyped your gameplay and settled on the game features.
"kitten written assembly"???!!!

What do animals have to do with programming?

For what it's worth, when I write code in ASM now the first thing I do is write pseudo-notes before I start coding the main loop, or even some of the subroutines. For example:

;    / detect button press (Joystick or cursor keys) and set animation
;    / update UD sprite graphics
;    / move UD sprite
;    / limit movement based on level layout
;    / update enemy sprites
;       / generate random number and activate enemy accordingly:
;        / get time from registers
;        / get seed (time took user to press start on main menu)
;        / adjust time
;        / add seed to time
The /'s were originally -'s, but as each part is completed I change them to /'s. It makes it easy to see at a glance what still needs to be done
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