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Amigan - an loving it!!
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I think that every games console, regardless of make, type, power, etc.. had (or has) a part to play in the history of a universe we all enjoy so much (well, in EAB anyway). So I was going to answer 'yes' regardless.

As for the CD32 as a games console in its own right; I owned one when they first came out and loved it. Some games just seemed a lot more fun, despite there being existing versions for other Amigas.

I particularly remember me and a mate constantly playing The Chaos Engine over and over, start to finish. But we still carried on playing! And Subwar 2050 seemed to be brilliant with the CD32 controller. I even enjoyed the CD32 version of Liberation.

Sadly, the CD32 disappeared with my ex-mate!

...Perhaps I may be hanging around Ebay a bit more often....
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