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I have a virtual floppy drive on my HD. It's called FF0. I use this very much because I can unpack adf-images / dms-images etc to it. When installing a 5 disk game for example I unpack these disks to FF0. I run the install script within FF0 and when it asks for disk 2, I unpack this disk again to FF0 etc.. This way I don't need to unpack dms-images or adf-images to a real floppy disk and install from the disks. Off course it only works with dos-games unless you're trying to install a WHDload game. When a WHDload game uses a non-dos disk, I change the install script and change all lines where it says DF0 into FF0. This way the script (using DIC or RawDIC) will make an image of the virtual non-dos disk in FF0. Very cool.

I can't remember exactly how I installed this FMS tool. It's been a few years. I know which files I need, but I would have to check that at home. I should try to make a second virtual floppy disk....
The file you need is defenitely called fmsdisk.lha or fms_20.lha
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