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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Of course anyone with half a brain cell knew exactly what I was trying to say by my previous post. Obviously you just felt like having an argument.
Anyone with half a brain cell could have written it.

Of course it isn't entirely a coincidence that many of the best games were written in asm, because many of the best games are trying to get the most out of the hardware.

But to say that to learn anything else is a "waste of time" is just plain ignorant. In fact, i'd urge anyone to learn C before they touch asm for so many of the reasons brought out in these arguments. Asm code is very difficult to maintain if you write in a naive way. Writing in C makes you think in a more structured way, and then you can go back to Asm and impose the same standards of discipline on yourself. You can write Asm that looks a bit like something a good optimising compiler might produce--in fact with a sufficiently good style and use of macros, you can make it seem more like a higher-level language.

The Asm books i learnt from in the early days taught me some very bad habits, but coding professionally in C++ for a few years has completely changed my outlook.
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