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I vote for other - Doom, game was ported to Amiga and if You compare it to other clones is best one. Game is well balanced, levels are interesting, You can explore and search for hidden stuff, combat require some tactics. Game got great design in every area of development.
If I have to choose "native" amiga fps game, the game that was made for amiga at first place I would probably go with Alien Breed 3D on CD32. Moody music, game engine is bit less attractive than Doom one and some textures become repetitive like You seen them in first level and will find them in last one too. But game got also some good stuff inside, water look awesome, guns sounds and fire with joy. There are some small secrets. Levels got some small vertically with stairs and elevators, also what's important not every alien monster rush at player. I was very annoyed with Gloom and it's "mirrored" levels and soldiers that swarm player with great number too often, like You can not enter corridor kill one bad guy and go on to next room, it always have to be f____g swarm of them, also poor item placement there is always not enough medpacks (or milk bottles). Brethelss could be my third fav fps game, it's not perfect but still good one.
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