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I quite like this (it is definitely worth the 1.49 to ditch the adverts - that's cheaper than a speccy game, and not even the cost of a pint !) although as with many games touch controls make it harder to play than it perhaps could be. Port it to the PC or Ouya or something next
I'm glad you like it!
I agree: touch controls (especially with the accelerometer) require some practice to be fully exploited, and I'm pretty sure a gamepad will make the game easier to play and more satisfying overall.
However, if you play for a while and get used to them, you'll start to notice they can be very precise. (I have to admit I had to play it for much longer any player probably will, though... )
About a PC port... yep, I'd really like to make it, but the porting it's not so straightforward... we'll see how it goes.
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